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Welcome to the download of KeTDS Upgrade

[Only For Registered Users of KeTDS]


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November 25, 2023

Kindly  Read following Instructions before

Downloading thru the Download Button given in the Bottom


All KITRET Users are very kindly requested that  they should NOT Download this software.

The eTDS and eTCS Modules are built-in KITRET itself.

So, Downloading KITRET Upgrade Copy will update Both IT as well as eTDS/eTCS Modules.




    • Kindly take printout of this page & Read instructions carefully before downloading.

    • Always take Backup of present folder of KeTDS before downloading new updates.


  2. Take BackUp of present folder of KeTDS to a safe place.
    Since, this version of KeTDS is developed on a New Platform, it is highly recommended that you first take the backup of your present folder of KeTDS to a safe place. To take Backup of KeTDS folder, do as under:-

    • Select 'My Computer' and Select the Drive where KeTDS is installed.

    • Right click at KeTDS folder and then Click at 'Copy'.

    • Now, go to the another Drive where you wish to keep the Backup of KeTDS folder.
      Then, Click at 'Edit' in the top row and then Click at 'Paste'.

    • The KeTDS folder will now be copied in the new Drive.


  3. Thereafter, Download this copy of KeTDS and install it in the same folder of KeTDS, where it is already installed.

  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  5. When you click at the Download button below, you will see a new window on screen. Here, click at the OK button to Save the program on the disk.

  6. Now, computer will ask you to give the location and file name, where it is to be saved. Give the location as the Drive and name of folder where KeTDS is installed and file name as KeTDS470.EXE. So, if the KeTDS is installed in Drive C in KeTDS folder, then give file name as "C:\KeTDS\KeTDS470.EXE". In this case, the file will be saved as KeTDS470.EXE in the KeTDS directory in the C Drive.

  7. If the KeTDS470.EXE file is saved in the folder other than KeTDS folder,  then Copy the file from that folder to KeTDS folder.

  8. After completion of download. Do as under:-

    • Select 'My Computer'

    • Select the Drive and the Directory where KeTDS470.EXE was saved.

    • Double click at KeTDS470 icon.

    • Select the KeTDS folder for installation of updated files thru the Browse button.

    • Click at Install button to install updated files.

    • Click at Yes to All to overwrite old files with the New ones.

  9. After completion, run KeTDS as usual.

  10. If ask for Security Key-ID,  then do as under:-

    • When  the package display the License Number and ask for the Security Key-ID, then send the displayed License Number alongwith the payment of Updation Charges to us and get the Security Key-ID. The charges to be paid will also be displayed alongwith the License number on the screen.

    • Updation charges can be deposited in our Bank A/c displayed on the same screen, where it asks for the Security Key-ID.

    • After entering the Correct Security Key-ID, KeTDS will be updated for current assessment year.

  11. If ask for Upgradation of Databases, do as under:-

    • When ask for "Proceed for Upgradation of Databases ? (Y/N)", then say "Y" to this prompt.

    • This will upgrade the database files of your old version of KeTDS and make them compatible with the new version of KeTDS.


  13. If NET PROTECTOR is installed in you machine, then downloading may give some problem. In such case, disable the NET PROTECTOR and then download the file from here.