Keypro Plus

Welcome to the download of File Validation Utilities for

Validating Quarterly eTDS/eTCS Text Files


File Name


This File contains File Validation Utilities

version 8.4 for AY 11-12 (FY 10-11) onwards

File Size

10.4 MB

Latest Modified Date

November 25, 2023



  1. Kindly take printout of this page and READ instructions carefully before and after downloading.

  2. When you click at the Download button below, you will see a new window on screen. Here, click at the OK button to Save the program on the disk.

  3. Now, computer will ask you to give the location and file name, where it is to be saved. Give the location as the Drive and name of folder.  

    • The Folder Name should be KitQeTDS for KITRET  software users  and KeTDStxt for KeTDS software users.

    • The file name should be FVU_JAR.EXE.

    After completion of download. Do as under:-

    • Select 'My Computer'

    • Select the Drive and the Directory where FVU_JAR.EXE was saved.

    • Double click at FVU_JAR  icon.

    • Click at Install button to install Jar files.

  4. If NET PROTECTOR is installed in you machine, then downloading may give some problem. In such case, disable the NET PROTECTOR and then download the file from here.