Frequently Asked Questions

Qu. 1 : How many Assessment Years comes with the Standard KITRET software ?
Ans.   :

The Standard KITRET software package comes for the Current Assessment year. With the Current Assessment year, we mean that the current year for which the computation is normally filed for the Assessee. For example, if one buys KITRET during April 2011 to March 2012, the Current Assessment Year is 2011-2012.

Qu. 2 : What we have to do, if we want to buy KITRET for past years ?
Ans.   :

The KITRET software package is available from Assessment Year 1991-92 onwards. For past years, the charges of the KITRET package is kept very minimum @Rs.500/- per year. So, you need to order for as many assessment years as you need. However, if you buy more than one Past Assessment Years, then the per year Cost will be less. For exact amount, contact us.

Qu. 3 : If I buy past years package also, then should I have to run them separately for each years ?
Ans.   :

No, absolutely not. You will need to run only one file and all the Assessment Years are within single module only. You will get the License to run only those years for which you have paid

Qu. 4 : How KITRET is superior than the other software packages available in the Market for Income-tax ?
Ans.   : KITRET is superior than its rivals in many ways. Some of its advantages are as under:-
  1. First of all, its practical approach. The method of entering the information, printing format of Computation Statement and Return Forms are made user definable to make it suitable to all types of users.

  2. In KITRET package Computation for many Assessment Years can be done thru Single EXE file. You are simply required to select the required Assessment year and all the rules, limits and tax-slabs are set accordingly.

  3. Certain figures are automatically transferred from one place to another avoiding chances of operator's mistake and faster data entry.

  4. User Definable Assist facility at data entry fields, which reduces repetitive data entry works.

Qu. 5 : In how many computers, I can install KITRET package ?
Ans. :

KITRET package comes as a Single User and Multi-user.  

  • Single-User KITRET will work only on one Computer.   

  • Multi-user KITRET will work on more than one computer simultaneously, when linked with each other. Under Multi-user system, KITRET comes with either 3 users, 6 users, or more users

Qu. 6 : I am currently using other Income-tax Software Package and wants to buy KITRET package. Whether I get some concession ?
Ans. : Certainly. The discount will the lower of the following two:-
  1. 25% of Normal Fee of KITRET.
  2. 50% of Fee paid by you for other Income-tax software

For availing this discount, you will need to give us the working license copy of other software package and the photocopy of the Bill.

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