Keypro Plus


KeTDS is a software for Electronic Filing of TDS Returns.


 This software has Following Features:-

  • User Friendly & Easy to Operate Software.

  • User Definable TDS Tax Rate Table.

  • Works for any assessment year.   [You will simply be required to give assessement year to work for ]

  • Annual TDS Return Form 24, 26, 27.

  • Quarterly TDS Statements in Form 24Q, 26Q and 27Q

  • TDS Certificates in Form 16 and 16-A.

  • TDS Certificate cum Return Form in Form 16AA.

  • Form 12BA showing perquisite Details.

  • Print above Returns and statements  on Printer as Hard Copy.

  • Generation of Text File as per NSDL Format for Annual Returns (24, 26, 27) & Quarterly Statements (24Q, 26Q, 27Q).

  • Validation of Text Files as per NSDL requirement.

  • Copy of FVU Files to CD, Pen Drive etc.

  • Printing of Form 27-A / 27-B to be sent alongwith CD/PenDrive.

  • Deductee Master and Bank Branch Code Master are Maintained.

  • eTCS Module

    •  Annual eTCS Return Form 27E.

    • Quarterly eTCS Statement in Form 27EQ.

    • eTCS Certificate in Form 27D.

The above eTDS and eTCS Modules also comes 

as an in-built Module within the KITRET software package.

If you have any specific query regarding KeTDS software,

 Kindly  mail us at